2016 Gala

SDLRLA Scholarship Fund’s October 6, 2016 Annual Dinner & Gala was a smash success! In 2016, SDLRLA Scholarships Fund’s bar stipends and fall scholarships totaled $49,500. The scholarship recipients included diverse law students with poignant stories of success and tenacity.

2014 Gala

The 2014 Gala Dinner was a milestone for San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association, celebrating 35 years since incorporation. The sold out event took place on a Saturday evening at the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown San Diego. The incredible program for the Dinner included a history of the organization and an in-depth year in review, in addition to the features on our award winners.

2013 Gala

The 2013 SDLRLA Scholarship Fund Dinner was held on Friday, October 11 at the Hard Rock Hotel, Downtown. The reception in the Abby Road hallway was, as always, a blast, with a silent auction on sport memorabilia hosted by Big Blue Auctions and a bevy of beautiful jewelry and stylish clothes hosted by Early Byrd Boutique.

2012 Gala

The 2012 SDLRLA Scholarship Fund Dinner was held on Friday, Octobe 19 at the stylish Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego. The Dinner was kicked off by SDLRLA Scholarship Fund 2012 President Nadia Bermudez, who graciously thanked our generous sponsors. Next, SDLRLA 2012 President Lizzette Herrera Castellanos awarded 2012 Treasurer Sergio Feria the Presdient’s Award in recognition of his dedication and service to the organization. Lizzette also gave an award to Legal Aid Society of San Diego, recognizing their work as a community partner, and grants to both Casa Cornelia Law Center and the ACLU. View the 2012 Gala Dinner program. 2012 Political Affairs Representative and 2013 President Rafael Castellanos introduced Congressman Filner, who addressed the crowd. Then the 2013 Board of SDLRLA was sworn in by Judge Meza.